Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plastic Surgery for Men

Plastic Surgery for Men

Male Cosmetic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery for Men
It didn't take long for men to discover that they too can benefit from many of today's cosmetic surgery procedures. Plastic surgery for men! And why not? It's just as easy for a man to be born with a nose that's too big or a chin that's too small. And sagging, wrinkled skin, puffy eyes and drooping jowls are just as unattractive on a man as they are on a woman.

Motivation to have cosmetic surgery may be different than a woman's. In many instances, it revolves around one issue: career advancement. Most men believe that their appearance has a direct impact on their careers. In today's extremely competitive business world, men wear their resumes on their faces. Being qualified isn't enough anymore. You have to look qualified, too.

Worn down, tired looking executives who appear to be "over the hill" may get passed over for promotions and raises in favour of younger, healthier-looking colleagues. At least, that's what many men believe. This notion seemed to be confirmed by a major North American study, which had some interesting findings, including these:

84% of the men surveyed believed physical attractiveness was important for power and success on the job.
42% felt that improving one thing about their face would help their career.
32% agreed that if they had a more youthful appearance it would positively impact their job success.
22% agreed with the statement, "I use my personal appearance to my advantage in getting things accomplished on the job."
“In business today, men wear their resumes on their faces. It's not enough to be qualified for the job: you have to look qualified too.”

The message comes through loud and clear: The way you look can have a substantial impact on your job and your career, and this is the primary reason why interest in cosmetic surgery among men has risen so sharply over the last decade.

For some men, however, the goals of cosmetic surgery are similar to the goals of women—to improve attractiveness and to have their physical appearance reflect how good they feel on the inside. Favourite procedures for men include the facelift, forehead lift, cosmetic eyelid surgery to eliminate that tired, worn-out look, chin augmentation to project a more confident and powerful profile, rhinoplasty/nose surgery to reduce an oversized or poorly shaped nose, and liposuction to permanently get rid of "love handles," a double chin or to reduce the size of the abdomen. Of course, cosmetic surgery is no guarantee that you'll get a raise, a big promotion, or that corner office you've been working for. But it can help. It can help keep you looking young and physically fit. It can help you let others know you're still ready for any challenge and up for any opportunity. It can even boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. The rest is up to you.

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